septiembre 10, 2020

ERMUA CARNIVAL POSTER / CARTEL CARNAVAL DE ERMUA In this party, the Rooster is the absolute protagonist, but a hen in disguise almost scares him to death.En esta fiesta el Gallo es el protagonista absoluto, una gallina disfrazada casi le da un susto de muerte. Client: Ermua City Council...


agosto 18, 2020

OURENSE FAIR POSTER / CARTEL FIESTAS DE OURENSE The Magostos are a traditional festival in Ourense where the arrival of autumn is celebrated by eating roasted chestnuts around the fire. In addition, there is a small nod written in the newspaper cone used to serve the chesnuts, commemorating the...


agosto 18, 2020

LAREDO CARNIVAL POSTER / CARTEL CARNAVAL DE LAREDO It dawns in this coastal town, famous for its connection to the world of surfing, but on Carnival night its beaches are seen from a different perspective. Amanece en esta localidad costera famosa por su vinculación al mundo del surf, pero...


agosto 18, 2020

POSTER FOR THE JUAN GIL ALBERT HIGH SCHOOL CARNIVAL / CARTEL CARNAVAL INSTITUTO JUAN GIL ALBERT Our character defies all superstitions with this costume, facing the end of a year jinxed for many… What do you think? Nuestro personaje desafía todas las supersticiones con este disfraz plantándole cara a...


agosto 18, 2020

ABUZTUA DONOSTIAN POSTER / CARTEL ABUZTUA DONOSTIAN Since this summer August will be very special due to the Covid-19, we have to figure out a different way of having fun that runs away from the crowds, and in Donosti they are already prepared. Este verano será un agosto muy...


agosto 18, 2020

PALENCIA FAIR POSTER / CARTEL FIESTAS DE PALENCIA The inhabitants of Palencia go down to the crypt to introduce their requests into the San Antolín well. Apparently, someone asked for crowding festivities that put a smile on the face of Christ of Otero himself. Los habitantes de Palencia bajan...


agosto 18, 2020

XIXONA FAIR POSTER / CARTEL FIESTAS XIXONA The first initial X served as a link between the two party factions clashing. La inicial X servía como nexo de enfrentamiento de los dos bandos festeros. Client: Xixona City Council / Cliente: Ajuntament de Xixona


agosto 18, 2020

SORIA «SAN JUAN» POSTER / CARTEL SAN JUAN DE SORIA The bull is the star and it is surrounded by the most important characters in the party, the culture and folk pillars of every San Juan. El toro es la estrella y está rodeado de los personajes más importantes...


agosto 18, 2020

XIXON CARNIVAL POSTER / CARTEL DEL CARNAVAL DE GIJÓN A character dressed as a sardine, the star of the party, keeps mulling over other possible costumes, thus evoking the diversity and colour of Carnival. Un personaje disfrazado de sardina, la estrella de la fiesta, no paraba de darle vueltas...


agosto 18, 2020

LAS PALMAS CARNIVAL POSTER / CARTEL CARNAVAL DE LAS PALMAS Flower Power was the most representative movement of that time and the peace sign was used on this occasion to convey a great message of tolerance and freedom. El Flower Power fue el movimiento más representativo de aquella época...